Where do you work?
I work at various practices throughout New York City. After leaving emergency medicine in 2017, I began working in general practice on a per diem basis. I only partner with reputable clinics that offer top quality medical care.

Why aren’t your clinics listed here?
New York City is a place of great opportunity—and great competition! I do not share exactly where I work because I wouldn’t want a client from one clinic to switch to a different clinic just to stay with me as a doctor. So out of respect, my workplaces are not listed here.

What is your schedule?
I have regularly scheduled days at each of my favorite clinics in New York. My schedule varies slightly from week to week.

How can I book an appointment with you?
If we met at your veterinary clinic, great! Call the office and ask for my next scheduled date. Remember that I only work at reputable clinics in New York, so it’s okay if I’m not available—the other doctors are excellent and have access to all my notes and your pet’s test results. Also, don’t wait for my next available date if your pet has an urgent problem.

Will you answer my medical question via email?
Unfortunately, I’m unable to do that. I only want your pet to receive the best of care, and that isn’t possible over email. For general questions on pet health, I’ll soon have a section with helpful hints for both cats and dogs. Always confirm these guidelines with your own veterinarian.

I want you to be my vet but we’ve never met.
That’s a tricky one. We have to meet incidentally at one of my regular clinics before I can become your vet. But don’t worry—New York City is absolutely filled with amazing veterinarians. If I’m not your vet, there are plenty of other phenomenal choices.

I own a veterinary clinic and am interested in learning more about you.
I’m honored! Please feel free to reach out through my contact page and I’ll be in touch soon.