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Mar’s world

where there are 2 themes:

1. helping animals + people
2. following my heart

Those things led me to vet school, moving to New York, traveling everywhere from Sumatra to Florence, and creating ways to inspire others through art and design. I’m fueled by curiosity, art, determination, design, a deep love for animals, and a passionate desire to inspire change.

After almost two decades of design experience, I started The Hummingbrave in 2020. It’s a web design and branding company dedicated to startup entrepreneurs with admirable values. I love helping them impress the world with showstopping brand presence.

In 2020, I rebranded a veterinary company called Relief Rover and it was a match made in heaven. In September 2022, I accepted a position as Relief Rover’s Chief Marketing Officer. I’m proud of the work we do to help veterinarians rediscover joy and freedom.


Dr. Mariam Kamal reading a book about tigers to her baby niece
Veterinarian Mariam Kamal with her cat, Ronald Weasley Kamal
What’s the point?

My Mission

To dramatically improve the lives of people and animals while living a life of joy, freedom, and adventure.

Deep thoughts

I believe that

the more cultures, environments, and people you understand, the more positively you can impact the world.

I’m obsessed with

Expanding my horizons.

My passions for adventure, nature, and art have led to:

My eco-friendly animal portraits (Grinvites) I draw on paper made with 100% post-consumer recycled pulp that saves 15 trees for every ton of paper produced. My art is printed on bamboo paper and has been featured in outlets including CBS, Fox, and NBC.

My veterinary career I’m experienced in general, emergency, shelter, and forensic/anti-cruelty medicine. I’ve been featured on TV as a veterinary expert on NBC New York and New York 1.

My award-winning photography I am a proud (and pleasantly surprised!) winner of a first prize in the Audubon Photography Awards, the most prestigious bird photography competition in North America. The rarest bird I have photographed is the endangered Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird in Peru.

My travels around the globe — I feel so blessed to be a world explorer! Photos on this page show some of my favorite moments in Costa Rica, Paris, London, Greece, Peru, Istanbul, and beyond.


Veterinarian Mariam Kamal with her cat, Ronald Weasley Kamal
Dr. Mariam Kamal reading a book about tigers to her baby niece
Fun random fact

I’m addicted to

Photoshop, Audible, Harry Potter, my cat (Ronald Weasley Kamal), passport stamps, wildlife photography, and museums.

Let’s connect

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I’d love to hear from you. Please drop me a line (or two, or seven).