I’m Mar!


Since 2020, I’ve been boosting female-owned businesses with show-stopping designs that take their success to the next level.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, the head of a start-up, or the founder of a nonprofit organization, I’ve helped women like you build compelling brands.


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Dr. Mariam Kamal reading a book about tigers to her baby niece

About my design company, The Hummingbrave




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About my design company, The Hummingbrave


To embolden + energize women entrepreneurs through imaginative design. To do so while supporting big cat conservation and living a life of joy, freedom + adventure.

I’d love to give your mission energy and pizazz!

Dr. Mariam Kamal reading a book about tigers to her baby niece
Veterinarian Mariam Kamal with her cat, Ronald Weasley Kamal

I’m also a veterinarian, photographer, and artist. I’m very grateful to these publications, news outlets, and TV stations for featuring me:

as a veterinarian

as a photographer

as an artist

Deep thoughts

I believe that

the more cultures, environments, and people you understand, the more positively you can impact the world.

a note from mar

Why I lift women up


I’m surrounded by brilliant, talented, strikingly sharp and witty women. I’m often stunned by how beautiful they are, inside and out.

But I’ve noticed a consistent pattern: These women are often down on themselves. It pains me to see them struggle with thoughts of being failures or not being enough. I hate seeing them undervalue their products and services, and I can’t stand when they settle for pathways that lead far away from their secret dreams.

I know what it feels like to suffer like that internally, and I’ve realized that those feelings get in the way of reaching our true potential. That isn’t just a loss to ourselves, but to all the people, animals, and environments who would have benefited from our triumphs.

Veterinarian Mariam Kamal with her cat, Ronald Weasley Kamal
Dr. Mariam Kamal reading a book about tigers to her baby niece
We owe it to ourselves and the world to be determined and confident.

when we don’t value ourselves and our brilliance…

When we sell our products, services, and companies for far less than what they’re worth… We are literally giving our success away to others. Others who likely lack the empathy and innovation that allowed the birth of our ideas in the first place.

It is imperative that imaginative, compassionate, and smart women feel emboldened, powerful, and energized. It’s the only way we’ll be able to bring more joy, love, peace, justice, and respect into the world.

That’s why I’ve chosen to fiercely support other women with my passion for creativity, imagination, and design. We can work together to make your vision a reality.



Fun random fact

I’m addicted to

Photoshop, Audible, Harry Potter, my cat (Ronald Weasley Kamal), passport stamps, wildlife photography, and museums.

two heads are better than one

Looking forward to supporting you!