Kind words

dr. kamal’s reviews from happy pet owners

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Kamal!!! …I was/am amazed by Dr. Kamal’s Pet-Side (and Doggy Parent) manner. She was very thorough in examining my Lab/Pit mix… answering my questions and even following up with me after visiting hours… Please accept tremendous gratitude in all you did for my Lancey and me… We look forward to seeing you next time, Dr. Kamal.”

“I have been bringing my 6-month old kitten Max to this vet since I adopted him last September. Dr. Kamal is amazing! She is extremely comprehensive and detailed oriented at all of our visits. Since my other kitten Sophie passed away from FIP, I have been watching Max carefully and have been calling with many questions and frequent visits. Dr. Kamal is so understanding, patient and encouraging with Max.”

“Dr. Kamal was amazing with my Cookie Monster. She didn’t want to leave the vet! I highly recommend this vet practice. Cookie Monster has NEVER been this happy to be in a vet’s office. She really liked Dr. Kamal.”

“Incredibly thorough, answered all of my questions and spent FAR more time talking to us and examining my dog than any vet ever has before. [Technician] and Dr. Kamal are so friendly, knowledgeable and gentle with Sadie, and she genuinely loves coming in for visits.”

“Dr. Kamal… is wonderful. She is personable, caring and works with you to make the most sensible choices for your pet or sort out special issues.”

“Moved to New York this past summer. I got a fur baby shortly after and researched vets in the area. Dr. Kamal and [technician] have taken such good care!! I highly recommend.”


“Dr. Kamal was fantastic and quick.”

“Dr. Kamal and Dr. [colleague]…offered their help in order to help my beloved frenchies. I’m incredibly glad of the help and support I received from them. My frenchies feels a lot better and they are back to normal!!!”

“Thank you again for always taking such great care of our Bailey.”

“The staff here are all genuinely concerned about all furbies who enter the establishment! I appreciate the time Dr. Kamal took to explain Penny’s recovery plan, medications, how to resolve some concerns I had with loose stool, and check ins. 100% recommend you to come here with your pets to understand how it feels to have a professional care for your pet as their own!”

“I love [this practice]! …I feel like they really care about my cat. Dr. Kamal follows up with lab results with a breakdown of anything outside of normal range. I would definitely recommend taking pets to this location; they’re great.”

“I’ve been going to [clinic] for the last three years…Dr. Kamal was amazing.”


“I was so nervous to bring my 6 year old golden in for a checkup as it has admittedly been a while and I have been intimidated going into vet’s offices before ($$$) I could not have had a better experience. Dr. Kamal and the WHOLE STAFF went above and beyond to make my puppy happy and keep him safe. Dr Kamal is BY FAR the nicest, most amazing vet ever. She was so upfront about costs and what she was planning for my pup and I never felt blindsided or talked into anything. We made a plan of action that I felt so comfortable with and I knew she was making the absolute best decisions for my boy. Honestly she’s an angel! GO SEE Dr. KAMAL!!!!!”

“Where do I start. I met Dr. Kamal a little over a year ago she is a very professional and caring doctor…she saved my little guy when his blood count starting dropping and suggested a transfusion for him. He is a FeLV+ cat [and has been all his life] with her help and the staff he is happy little guy again.”


“Just got back from visiting Dr. Kamal… Our pup Peggy was in a tussle with another one of our dogs a few days ago and got a small bite on her head and mouth but was traumatized to the point that she would not let us touch her face. Dr Kamal could [not] be more calming and helpful. She was able to examine Peggy without a hint of pain. I was so impressed with her…now on our 5 Star recommendation list for truly caring and professional vet care.”

“Dr. Kamal is our vet—she has changed everything for our senior pup—he was being treated by the past vet and was not improving. She re-evaluated his entire treatment and he is going really well. He is actually so active for the first time in years. Dr. Kamal is different—both our pups responded immediately to her calm & kind demeanor. If you have a pup that might get stressed out to visit the vet – talk to Dr Kamal She is amazing.”

“Knowledgeable and caring… Our 17 year-old Maine Coon is livelier then ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


“Took my cat Zeus in today as he was dehydrated and not eating. Dr. Kamal and her technician were knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and gentle. I was very pleased with Zeus’ examination and treatment. I was a nervous wreck when we got there and left calm and smiling.”

“Dr. Kamal…is really great. She is caring and personable and loves the animals and relates well to their owners too. She is considerate of your personal situation in how she develops treatment plans for you and your pet. …I truly appreciate the flexibility and will take all my pets to Dr. Kamal if possible.”


“Made sure to call me and address all my concerns! This was the first time I had been there but this will definitely be my vet going forward 5+!!!!”

“Dr. [colleague] & Dr. Kamal have both treated Stella and have been very thorough whether for sick visit or on routine check-ups. They keep detailed record of her medical history and reference during our visits. We feel so lucky to have vets/techs we trust so conveniently located in our neighborhood and couldn’t imagine taking Stella anywhere else :)”

“So grateful for the care they have provided my cat Sasha and dog. A year ago my cat was diagnosed with a rare disease and I’m so appreciative for the advise and support during the process of curing her. One year later and she’s healthy and happy. Thank you doctor Kamal and team.”

“Dr. Kamal was being so gentle with him [my puppy Yogi] and giving me so many details on what may triggered his allergic reactions. It helped him so much. I came all the way from Brooklyn and it was worth visiting.”

“You helped my cat Phoebe and me… you were a great comfort.”

“Dr. Kamal was extraordinarily wonderful, answering all of my many questions, giving my cat incredible attention. I cannot recommend this place — and these wonderful people — highly enough.”